Who are we?

Sapana Village Social Impact (S.V.S.I) is a Non-governmental Organization with registration no. 47120,  active in the Chitwan area, Nepal. We are on our mission with the slogan “Poverty Alleviation with Public Participation”. We are running projects that operate independently, some with the intention of making profits and some to initiate social development. With the profits made from those projects, we start new projects. Basically, the goal of our projects is to improve the living conditions of the people residing in the neighborhoods of Sapana Village at the present, and globally in the days to come. Our collaboration model consists of three parties: “Local Government, SVSI, and the Beneficiaries”. Only if all the parties agree to contribute, SVSI will start to work. We are now practicing a competitive development model in which we conduct competition between beneficiaries on the basis of our working elements like health, education, women empowerment, income generation, and environmental conservation so they can do better.

Together we can change 

Adhering to our belief that “Every person on the planet should have equal value and life of dignity” we hope to make a world free from poverty where humans respect and love each other, and live in harmony alongside nature conservation.

Story of Chairman

The Project emerged from the Dream of the Chairman of Sapana Village Social Impact, Mr. Dhruba Giri. Being a farmer’s son and working as a waiter in a hotel in his small age, he managed to achieve his Dream of owning a resort and helping the community with his hard work. With the income from the resort and help from other friends, he with his dedicated team formed this pious organization to serve the marginalized

Upcoming Events

Here are the latest major events.

  1. Excurtion of “Every Venture begins with a Dream” project.
  2. Launch of “Empowering Single Mothers in Kaule” project.
  3. Fundraising Event
  4. Impact study of  “One Step in  the Development of Siddhi by preserving Nature” project
  5. Endline Survey of “Every Venture begins with a Dream” project in Kaule.
  6. Refresher Training of CAFE Initiative in Kaule.
  7. Continuation to “Sapanaka Gharharu” project.
  8. Fourth prize distribution ceremony of the project Every venture begins with dream.
Tharu homestay by sapana village
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