Mission & Vision

Our mission aims to help and support the local community in the Chitwan area in Nepal. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of the people who are living in this region, acting in 4 essential social aspects: Health, Education, Environment and Local Economy. Our projects are stimulated by a "do it yourself" approach to allow the locals to become independent people, promoting sustainable results and ownership and encouraging empowerment.

S.V.S.I wants to act with transparency and openness by developing a process-oriented approach :
- Generate: SVSI wants to start and maintain basic services (projects) and make them accessible to everyone.
- Develop: SVSI wants to strengthen self-esteem and wants to develop potential and talents of individuals and disadvantaged communities.
- Sustain: SVSI wants, with respect for traditional cultures, to make a contribution to help locals be active in a changing world.
- Spread: SVSI wants to be an example to others and contribute to the development of Nepal and its people.

For these people, prosperity and jobs are needed to be able to afford basic services. The SVSI projects are self-sufficient, as far as possible to allow them to become independent in a long term approach. The projects ar set up to be profitable. If the profit is not utilized for the own survival of the project, it will be used for other projects or for people who cannot afford to start and sustain a project. If SVSI has insufficient funds to start and maintain a basic service or cannot provide for basic necessities for people, aid from abroad will be accepted.