About Us

Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) is a non-profit organization, active in the Chitwan area in Nepal.
Its main target is the poverty alleviation of local people.
It consists of projects that operate independently, some with the intention to make profits. With those profits, we start new projects, or pay the costs for people who cannot afford the costs by themselves.
The goal of all projects is to improve the living conditions of the people in the neighborhoods of Sapana Village and globally in the days to come.

SVSI has five unpaid board members who manage the organization. Furthermore, each project has its own project manager. The project leaders are responsible for the daily management of the projects.

The board members :

Dhurba Giri
General Manager
Dhurba Giri is the founder of the development organization Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI). In 2000, he started to run a small hotel and in 2004, he bought a piece of land to build a lodge. This was made possible thanks to people from the Netherlands who gave him this opportunity, especially Judit and Herman Hümmels, their family and Hooge Raedt Social Venture. "I met Judit Hümmels while working as a waiter in a restaurant. She asked me what was my dream and I shared it with her: to start my own business and to do something for the community. My dream was heard and I was financially supported by Hümmels' family with 5000 $US to start to realize my dream in 2001. Then, I could rent a little hotel at the river-bank. Soon after, I could offer jobs to other local people. Then, Hümmels' family became involved with the project through "Stichting Do-It" to develop a framework for raising money to contribute on social development projects in Chitwan region." This grew into what it is now: Sapana Village Lodge and SVSI.
At the beginning, it was Dhurba's dream to not only be independent, but also to serve the community. In 2013, this was materialized in the creation of a non-profit organization (SVSI), where different projects could be housed.
From the beginning, the intention is to use the profits of the lodge for development-projects, and to make it possible for the poorest part of the population to use them. Dhurba is now Managing Director of the lodge and unpaid General Manager of SVSI.

Sajan R. Bhandary
Mr. Sajan R. Bhandary is a practicing lawyer and has been in the legal profession for more than four decades. He is currently associated with Kathmandu Legals as a partner in the legal firm and his forte and experience are mainly in the areas of Corporate Law, Corporate Affairs, Taxation, and Intellectual Property Rights, among others. He is a member of the Nepal Bar Association, Supreme Court Bar Association, in which he served as Treasurer of the Association for two consecutive years, and is currently the General Secretary of Nepal Law Society. He has been also held the position of Secretary of Amnesty International, Nepal Section from 1980 to 1983. Apart from being a leading advocate, Mr. Bhandary is also associated with a couple of business enterprises, for instance, Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the first ever private music recording company; Royal Nagad Sub Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd., a money remittance company, and also with Sapana Village Social Impact, a non-profit non-governmental organization working the rural people in Central Nepal. He has also been a member of the Nepalese Team as a delegate to China on Constitutional Issue. Mr. Bhandary is also an active member of Lions Clubs International in Nepal holding various important portfolios in the organization, both at Club and District level. He has travelled widely to countries namely, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the Gulf countries.

Mr. Narayan Ban
Mayor of Ratnanagar Municipality
Born in one of the village of Parbat district he completed his study in agriculture and was supposed to be an agricultural expert but he decided to contribute his learning and ideas to drive the community in developing to its best. He became the first mayor of Ratnanagar municipality and is a dedicated social worker. With his innovative ideas we have been able to help those target family and community with all the possible ways. He is one of the great assets of our organization.

Mr. Ajit Man Pradhan
Business man
Young energetic and dynamic businessman Mr. Ajit man Pradhan was born on 03/01/1983 as the son of Mr. Sudip Man Pradhan and Trishna devi Pradhan. He did his study in business studies and has a lot of experience in business activities which has turned out to be very fruitful for the organization. He guides the target group to manage income generating activities and to handle the small enterprises of the target group to be successful. He is very much interested in serving the nation in any way possible. He is one of the great assets of our organization

Krishna Prasad Poudel
Orthopedic Surgeon & head of Bharatpur Hospital
Orthopedic doctor Mr. Krishna Prasad Poudel was born on 09/07/2028 B.S. as the son of Mr. Kapila mani Poudel in Chitwan. He did his medical studies and is now working as a successful orthopedic doctor. He has a keen interest in helping those people who need his care. Our organization has been conducting a lot of health camps in rural areas of Chitwan and Nawalparasi, for which Dr. Krishna has turned out to be a boon for our organization. He is also involved in other different social projects that have been working for the welfare of marginalized people.
He is one of the great assets of our organization.

Team member

Sujan Basnet
Shiddi Global Project Manager
After working as teacher for 10 years he joined SVSI as leading the Shiddi Global Project. He completed his studies in English literature and sociology and anthropology. Being motivated by the objective and the goals of SVSI he joined our organization in 2015 A.D. He is involved in many local social organizations and is helping the society in all the possible way. He is a very dedicated, eager to learn and motivated staff of our organization.

Rikesh Lama
field coordinator

A +2 graduate in education faculty, young energetic man of Kalika-11, kalyanchaur is from an agricultural background. He has a goat farm consisting more than 60 goats and also does ginger farming and bee keeping. He was a successful teacher before he joined our organization

Sabina Tamang

She is a farmer having ginger farm as one of her major source of income. She also has a grocery at her home. She an hard working and very dedicated worker from kalika-11, kalyanchaur. She has completed her 10 th grade and is involved in the mother groups and community forest user group.

Sanju Tamang

She is a farmer from kalika-10, Nibuwatar. She has chicken farming and goat raring business. She is a 9 th graduarte. She has experience working with different ngos and ingos working in Siddhi. She is a member of mother group running in her area.

Sankar Chepang

He is a farner mainly working in fruit production and goat raring from kalika-11, saipam. He is a 10 th graduate and has got training regarding veterinary. A dedicated hardworking man who has been a role model in the society by being able to create his own world without help from parents or any external factors.

Siddhi ram Praja

A farmer from kalika-11,Cheurang who once went to arab to earn money and returned to own land dreaming of making his own land a beautiful place to live. He is now doing goat raring and yam farnming. He is a literate man with a strong willpower to change his community's socio-economic status.

Sunil Praja

A farmer of kalika-11,Majhwang who was supported by our organization for his higher studies and placed to a job by us. He does beans farming and goat raring for income generation. He is a determined man to uplift the socio-economic status of the community he is living in.

Reson Praja

A farmer of kalika-10,Nandar who was supported by our organization for his higher studies and placed to a job by us in our organization. He ia a farmer having goat raring and yams as major source of income. He is a very determined worked and in involved in other functional groups in his community.

Ramhari Praja

He is from Kalika-10 Chherbang currently studying his 11 th grade. He also has goat raring as major source of income and does vegetables farming and local chicken farming as side business. He is a secretary of local youth club and is found to be one of the most active member for the betterment of the society.