Women Skill Projects

Sapana Women Skill Development Project was established in 2007. The project aims to teach local women a skill and help them to support themselves and their family. Most of the 25 women working for the project come from a poor background, without any education. This project has been a great opportunity for them to earn and learn at the same time.

Volunteers and designers are regularly invited to train the women to develop their skills in making various textile items. The women produce these items for both the local and the international market. Women Skill Project is a fair-trade project, which means that the women get a fair price for their products. Sapana Village gave the women a microfinance loan to start up the business and is now supporting them by giving them advice and bringing in new customers.

In the beginning, the women used to work in a little workshop on the grounds of Sapana Village Lodge. With more orders coming, the need of a new suitable building has arised.
One of their customers, Return to Sender, founded by Katja Schuurman, which has ordered big amounts of products with them, supported them by building a new workplace for them. The women have been using this new building since 2011.

Sapana Women Skill Development Project is a member of WEAN. This cooperation of women producers in Nepal started a collection of design products. In cooperation with Dutch and French designers, a collection has been produced with the first 19 companies. All participants of this unique project produce the articles respecting the fair-trade principle. WEAN has reached a poverty alleviation target through business, work and production improvement.

U.S. Embasstor in Sapana design
We Sapana Women Skill Development Design Project truely want to thanks to the respected U.S. Embasstor - NEPAL🇳🇵 Mrs: Alaina B. Teplitz for her honorable visit to our Women 👭 project on December 29, 2016.

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