Tharu Homestay


Expanding Horizons
Sapana Village Social Impact's latest project is a Tharu homestay. Sapana Lodge helped start this initiative together with Riksja Travel in the Netherlands by giving the women of the Pragatishil Tharu Women Group a loan. These women from the village of Narkatiya built and furbished a new building in traditional Tharu style. The aim of this project is to help the women and their families become independent by giving them an opportunity to earn their own money. At the same time, by hosting and engaging with foreigners, the locals will learn more about the world and expand their horizons, while teaching their guests about their culture, heritage and way of life.

The Traditional House
The building the women constructed consists of two separate rooms with each a private bathroom. During the guests' stay at the traditional house, the local families will invite them for breakfast and dinner and show them how they cook a meal. SVSI hopes this full-immersion style visit will be a unique experience for the guests from abroad. 

The Stay
During the homestay, the women will try to make the guests' stay unforgettable. The experience starts with an ox cart ride into the village after which the guests will be invited to have a cooking class with the local women. The traditional meal will then be enjoyed together after which the women will put on a cultural show with singing, music and dancing. The following day after a communal breakfast, the guests can choose from three different activities to do: fishing with the local women, henna tattooing and painting and decorating a house in traditional Tharu style. It all ends with another ox cart ride back to Sapana Village. 


Returning to the Community
The profit made from this project will entirely be channeled back into the community. Half of the funds will go to SVSI and half will go directly to the women who built and run the homestay. Sapana Village hopes and firmly believes that the project is a solid step in the direction of sustainable development and ultimately poverty alleviation. 


Support the Project
If you are interested in supporting the project, please consider booking a night at the homestay during your trip to Nepal and Sapana Village. Visit to book a room with the women of the Pragatishil Tharu Women Group.