The Sapana School

The local people of Chitwan are still very poor. For 30% of them, it is not possible to send their children to school. In 2013, the construction of the Sapana School started and by now the first building is ready and we will be enrolling 20 students on April 2016. This will be a school where children will get an education according to 21st century standards.

We want to support and educate children in their growth to social, creative, self conscious, independent and well developed personalities, who will make a positive and effective contribution to society in our region and our country. We want them to be people who take responsibility for their own future, own people, fellow countrymen and global well being.

Goal of the Sapana School
At the Sapana School, children will get quality education, with scholarship. In many schools in Nepal, children are in classrooms with 85 children at once and the education system is still very old-fashioned and authoritarian. This results in poor quality education. At the Sapana School, the groups will be smalls, to be able to provide enough attention to each child and to provide them a quality education. The education will include local culture, and the necessity of hygiene and nutrition.
We want to be an example for the other schools in Chitwan.

How can you help?
To build the school and provide quality education, a lot of money is needed to give the local children a chance to go to school with child centered education. The school needs more land in the near future for the buildings of a full grown school for students of 2,5 to 18 years. We know it’s an ambitious project to have school with both vocational and academical training. A lot more money is needed to acquire new land and to complete the building the school. We ask your financial support at least to help those students who can’t pay their fees to the school and also for land and the construction of needed classrooms..
If you’d like to help us, you can make a donation at this bank account :
Name Of the Bank:- Himalayan Bank Ltd.
Chitwan, Nepal
Tandi Branch
Account Name:- Sapana Village Social Impact
Account Number:- 00706085120018
Swift Code:- HIMANPKA

You can also visit the website of the Sapana School Foundation for more info :