Sapana Primary School

Sapana Primary School' is a part of 'Sapana Village Social Impact' (SVSI ). Other parts of the Education-project are 'Vocational Training','Adult education' and 'School fund'.

Sapana Primary School is a project in the buffer zone of the Chitwan National Park. The area is characterized by several small villages. A large portion of the people are illiterate. Not all children go to school, but most of the parents find education very important for their children. The quality of education is low; that could not be otherwise, with classes to 90 children. Parents who have more money to spend, sometimes send their children to a boarding school in Pokhara or Kathmandu. That's not affordable for the vast majority of the population.

Sapana Primary School is a private educational institution where western standards give direction. Thus, the primary school classes will not be greater then 25 children. Within this sort of frameworks, own pedagogical solutions will be sought, based on local ideas and opportunities. Account will being taken of the climate, the culture, the development in the rest of the country, and the need in the future for independent and creative people.

The school will cover the running costs. For the construction of the school, we need your support. This is for the locals impossible to pay. And for the funding of the school, many parents will need additional financial help.