Chepang Hills Project

Siddi is one of the Village Development Committees (V.D.C.) among 9 V.D.C. that lies in the hilly region of Chitwan district. This is a major dwelling place of Chepang people. As it is a hilly area, its development has not been possible because of its geographical structure and illiteracy. People living here are not even able to fulfill their basic requirements.

Their major problems are:
- Lack of food: as the food produced by them is not enough even for 6 months of a year. For the rest of the year, they have to rely on jungle fruits and wild animals;
- Health: as they still believe in witchcrafts, they never go to see any doctor and they don’t have any clinic around;
- Education: they have only few schools which are also not easily accessible because of geographical structure, especially during the monsoon season;
- Shelter: some of the Chepangs are found to be living in caves too.

For the social and political development of the people living in this area, S.V.S.I. is going to work in financial support of FEMI. We have planned a five year development project for Siddi. The project will basically be focused on Education, Health, Livelihood and Social empowerment.

What we've already done in Chepang area:
- SVSI provided sweaters to the students of Chherbang school, but also zinc sheets for Dakshinkali and Cheurang school;
- SVSI offered drinking water pipelines to Nandar and Cotaxti school;
- Thanks to Nepal Benefiet Aaslmeer, we provided computers and materials to Chitrasari school;
- Helped reconstructing the school building of Dautesh school;
- Helped the SLC students and all of 5 students passed SLC;
- We've helped a lot after the earthquake by constructing 26 houses in Siddi and a baseline survey;