Medical assistance for surgery

Nepali men and women specially more living the mountains have been leaving Nepal looking for jobs in abroad. When there is no opportunity of earning for the entire family in the country, the only option the people here have is going abroad through various manpower companies. Basanta Nepali was twice in Saudi Arab, he was sick both times and returned home. Then back in Nepal, he has been involved in agriculture.
Unfortunately, his son named Krishna Nepali fell sick due to problem in lungs. He was admitted in B.P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bharatpur, Chitwan for the treatment. The family couldn't afford the cost in the hospital, but they received financial support from different organizations for the beginning phage of treatment. In the second phase after 4 months, the doctors advised to do the operation of tumor in lungs. The family were very surprised to hear the cost, but they had hope of finding way. They were informed about Dhruba Giri and Sapana Village and the father of the boy came to us. We had looked at the report of the boy and their financial condition. Then Sapana Village Social Impact decided to contribute Rs.20,000 for the medication and treatment. After the successful operation, the boy is with his family in Arkhala V.D.C, ward no.9 - Nawalparasi, Nepal. According to the information received through telephone conversation with Mr. Basanta, he is keeping so well now.