Sapana Village Social Impact has played a vital role in changing the livelihood of local people (Chepang) living in wards 10 and 11 of Siddi under Kalika Municipality, Chitwan. In order to fulfill the basic needs of people, the SVSI foundation started its project “A Step Ahead for the Development of Siddi Preserving the Nature” in 2016 as three years step by step development plans. A group of energetic youth was mobilized to collect primary data and field survey. The questionnaire survey was conducted within 700 households to empower them to stand for their better livelihood. The main focus of the project was to uplift the life of these innocent people from extreme poverty. Better earning methods, developed agriculture system, progress in education and motivational awareness programs, proper drinking water, maintain the improved living atmosphere etc were the main objectives which were successfully conducted. People were benefited from the various cash earning projects like fruit plants, Amriso plants, honey-bees and male goat distribution.

Clusters were divided and juries were selected for different cash winning competitions like inter families, inter school, inter wards etc. The five best clusters, 75 households, 15 best goat-sheds farmers, 1 fruit farmer, 1 honey-bee farmer, 1 male goat rearing farmer, 2 best staff of the field and 3 mother groups were rewarded with cash during the closing ceremony and cultural program day on 28 September, 2019. Thanks to all involved with the project and a very special thanks to FEMI foundation, Netherlands for it regular financial support throughout the project period.
SVSI will initiate its next similar project in Kaule of Ichchhakamana VDC soon.