Mithila products

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MI01 Elephant mirror Nrs. 250


MI02 Fish Mirror Nrs. 150


MI03 Mithila keyring Nrs. 200


MI04 Mithila keyring Nrs. 200


MI05 Round mirror Nrs. 550


MI06 Round mirror Nrs. 550


MI07 Round mirror medium Nrs. 350

MI08      Nrs. 350 MI08 Nrs. 350

MI08 Elephant mirror

MI09    Nrs. 350

MI09 Hand Mirror

MI10     Nrs. 150

MI10 Mithilla Ghurra

MI11      Nrs. 250

MI11 Round Box

MI12      Nrs. 450

MI12 Square Box

MI13     Nrs. 750 MI13 Nrs. 750

MI13 Mithila long box

MI14     Nrs. 500 MI14 Nrs. 500

MI14 Mithila Box

MI15    Nrs. 1000

MI15 Mithila tray

MI16     Nrs. 1000

MI16 Mithila tray

MI17    Nrs. 480

MI17 Photo Frame

MI18    Nrs. 750

MI18 Double Photo frame

MI19      Nrs. 1050

MI19 Triple Photo Frame