Bead products

Most items are available in various colours. If you are interested in buying an item, please send us an email with the reference of the product :

AA96     Nrs. 190

AA96 round top

AA97      Nrs. 190

AA97 Flower top

AA98     Nrs. 190

AA98 Rose ring

AA99     Nrs. 150

AA99 Round Chura

AB00      Nrs.  380

AB00 Short Pote

AB01      Nrs. 1350

AB02 Long Pote

AB03       Nrs. 380

AB03 Short Pote

AB04      Nrs. 2000

AB04 Beads belt

AB05      Nrs. 350

AB05 Flower ear-ring

AB06       Nrs. 350

AB06 long ear-ring

AB07      Nrs. 350

AB07 long ear-ring

AB08        Nrs. 350

AB08 long ear-ring

AB09       Nrs. 1050

AB09 Mobile bag

AB10       Nrs. 1050

AB10 Mobile Bag

AB11      Nrs. 150

AB11 Round Chrura