How to volunteer with us

Giving the gift of your time by volunteering to serve those who have less than you is an excellent way to give back to the global community.

More importantly, it helps to make a difference in the lives of those who can benefit most from your wealth of experience, sharing your time and expertise.

There is nothing in the world more valuable than your contribution to the poor; it is most beautiful and most pleasing knowing that you have made a positive difference among those with so little At the same time while you are further expanding your international experience. It is the chance of a lifetime.



We are looking for a volunteer designer/ artist who would- temporarily -  like to join our team at Sapana Skills development Project / Sapana Design in Sapana Village Resort, located near the tourist town of Sauraha, on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

The project is a part of the Sapana Village Social Impact foundation (SVSI):



The Sapana Design Skills Development Project was established in 2008. It is a not-for-profit organization. It's mission is to provide work for local women, who are illiterate and  from an underprivileged background. At present 8 women are involved from 10-17 ( winter 10-16) Sunday through Friday. A supervisor/ junior assistant is also employed to assist in the tasks at hand.

At present the project produces home textiles, textile home decorations, bags made from local materials ( e.g. Rice sacks) and products made from elephant grass. These products are sold in the shop within the grounds of the lodge/ resort and upon order are exported to The Netherlands and to Australia and The United States. 

Sewing machines, an overlock machine and materials are all available.


In order to safeguard continuation of the income for the women and to up lift sale and export, the project is looking for a series of new products in general and for a Sapana signature collection, mostly textiles, based on the designs and the visual language of the local (Tharu) culture.


In order to establish a working relationship with the women in the project and to research the local culture, a minimum of two to three months stay is necessary and he/she must be willing to work with , give training to mostly illiterate women from an underprivileged background. The women who are currently employed have skills in sewing and they are very eager to get training and assistance in developing new skills/ products.



Sewing skills, knowledge of production processes as well as experience in retail/ wholesale is required, as we aim to market our new products for the international and national tourist market in Nepal and for export to Europe and The United States.




Tasks comprise :


  • Develop new products (home decoration and home textiles) based in / on local culture for export and for the Nepali international and national tourism market
  • Create a small new Sapana signature series of products 
  • Train the team of 8 women and 1 supervisor to produce these 
  • Research export to Europe 


Profile requirements:


  • Skilled in designing textile products for decoration & home textiles
  • Skilled in sewing techniques
  • Knowledge of wholesale & retail market in Europe
  • Able to train women new techniques & production process
  • Willing to get to know the local culture and transform any of it's appropriate aspects into products which represent this culture and are attractive for tourist buyers and for the European market
  • Familiar with the planning of production process and delivery of orders
  • Willing to work with mostly illiterate women from an underprivileged background and to research the local culture on behalf of making the new products/ designs
  • In order to establish a working relationship with the women in the project, a minimum of three  to four months is necessary
  • If he/she wants to do any other travels in Nepal this would have to be done on top of this working period



  • Housing with kitchen & bathroom inside the lush and comfortable Sapana village resort:
  • Lodging and breakfast for free
  • Support from Sapana Village management & staff
  • Sapana Skills Development project is located immediately next to the resort: it's only a 3-5 minute walk between the resort and the project space
  • The Sapana village resort is just 15 min walk from the village of Sauraha on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park
  • transport to/from bus station / airport upon arrival / departure will be provided by Sapana Village Resort in collaboration with SVSI
  • Likewise Transport to the nearest towns for buying materials
  • Budget for development of new products is: € 500
  • The project is a charity and aims to provide jobs to local women from an underprivileged background


Sapana Skills Development Project is closely linked to the Sapana Village Lodge, which is an authentic and well known tourist destination in Chitwan, Nepal. The Sapana management team also runs a school, an elephant protection program and it is closely involved in supporting the Chepang people in the nearby hills.

The SVSI Foundation is associated with the FEMI foundation of The Netherlands:




For information:




We are happy to give you further information upon request and we look forward to meeting you!


Please note:

  • best time to work would be march to June  or September - November / December
  • Do not respond if you are looking only for a free stay and/ or  personal travels in Nepal
  • For interested parties we are happy to negotiate a fair and mutually acceptable agreement


Please, send us an email ( with your resume and a shot introduction so we can learn more about you.

We are especially looking for :
- English teachers
- An interior designer / Architect
- Textile designer
- Project manager
- Someone interested in helping with our Elephant Wellness program